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Everyone has to make up their own minds about what they believe and that leads us to ask important questions about religion. The purpose of this website is to explain what Christian’s believe in a simple and helpful way, giving you resources to help you find answers to life's big questions.

We are a group of churches living in the Auburn area of Sydney, NSW, Australia. You can find out more about us on the Church Services tab above.

Allow us to explain the gospel and why it is so important that Jesus, the greatest man who ever lived was prepared to die for us in order to show us the way to heaven, there is a lot to learn, so let’s start at the beginning.

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Part 1: The Christmas Story – No ordinary baby

Mary, a young girl whose family lineage went back 1000 years to King David, was visited by an Angel

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Part 2: Jesus – No ordinary man

Everyone knows that Jesus was a ‘good’ man who taught the world good morals using lots of lovely parables and stories – even the Jews, Muslims, Hindu's and Buddhists believe that! But arguments break out when Christians state that Jesus is the Son of God. Why is that important?

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How to pray

“Prayer isn't a magical formula for getting what we want, and it isn't reserved for 'holy' people, or for special times or places.”1' Prayer, simply put, is talking to God.